Monday, October 31, 2011

Knephla Soup

2 Quarts water
3 cups chicken broth (I use 2 cans Swanson's chicken broth)
5 Med Potatoes-cut into small pieces
2 onions-chopped
3 grated carrots
1 bay leaf
4 whole allspice

Let simmer until vegetables are tender - during this time make Knephla's

3 cups flour
1 Tablespoon salt
1 egg
1 Cup water

Mix and knead dough, add the flour as needed-start out with 2 cups and add as it is kneaded until using the 3 cups.
Let rest for 20 minutes (turn the bowl upside down over the dough and floured surface.

Roll 1/2 inch thick
cut into 1 inch strips and again into 1/4 inch pieces.

Drop into boiling broth

boil 5 minutes after all of the dough has been added.

Before serving add about 3/4 pint of cream and salt and pepper to taste. (Try not to boil after cream has been added)

Remove bay leaf

Story; Oyster stew followed by game playing was a long standing holiday tradition. As time went on, some folks developed an allergy to oysters, others just didn't like them, and a couple of us Norwegians married guys who were of German ancestry. We obviously needed to branch out and include more food variety for this holiday celebration. Thus, we took on the task of making Knephla soup, a German soup and served regularly in South Central North Dakota. After visiting sales barns in Napoleon and Wischek, and reading German cookbooks, we took the 'best' of the recipes and tastes and developed this recipe as our own. Many people make this soup, but this recipe is tasty and rich, we think one of the best. The holiday tradition evolved to include vegetable and knephla soup along with ham, buns, fresh vegetables, salads, and dessert.

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