Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bar-b-que Pulled Pork Sandwich

2 pounds beef roast. (I don't use the beef as I like just the pork, but the recipe calls for a combo)
1 and 1 / 2. Pounds pork loin roast. (Here I used about a 3 - 4 pound pork roast and omitted the beef)

2 large onions chopped
3 / 4. Cup celery chopped
1 small can tomato paste
1 / 2. Cup brown sugar
1 / 4. Cup apple cider vinegar
1 / 4 cup chili sauce
2 Tablespoons Worcester sauce
1 Tablespoon ground mustard

Salt and pepper to taste.

Mix ingredients together and cook with pork roast in slow cooker until done, about 7 - 8 hours on low.  (See guide for your slow cooker)

Remove roast and pull apart meat making the pulled pork the size you like.  Pour the sauce over a strainer to remove pieces.

Put pulled apart pork back in slow cooker and add some of the strained bar-b-que sauce back on the pork. Use the amount you like. If it's too much liquid and the sandwiches will be soggy.  At this time, I thought it needed to be thicker, so I added some bar-b-que sauce we had from the store along with the homemade sauce to get a somewhat thicker consistency.

Warm up and serve from the slower cooker on buns.

Story-I love pulled pork sandwiches and didn't have a good recipe, so spent a lot of time searching through recipes online before Christmas break 2013. We served this to a crowd, and the comments were positive. Good recipe, and Archer liked it a lot!!  :)

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